Is That A Franchise In Your Pocket? – eBook

by Young Africa FOUNDATION

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About three-quarters into the 20th Century the seed was sown for a shift in the way the world works that
is so great, that few people have had the magnitude of vision to fully comprehend it. Imagine this shift to be as big as the blue sky above you. That is all you can see. But if you’re given the opportunity to view beyond the ‘sky’ into the universe, that is when you realize the actual size of this blue beyond.
That is the shift I am seeing. And the shift I am writing about in this eBook.
Now where it may have been really tricky to become a billionaire a century or two or five ago, unless you
married the emperor’s daughter, now we have proof of a college drop-out, starting out with no own wealth, who
has headed that Forbes’ List year in year out, only to be unseated this year from the Nr. 1 spot by another
‘nobody’ who has made his billions simply out of trading with other people’s money! And who certainly is a
‘somebody’ now. What is it with these people? Not a gallon of oil nor a piece of steel in sight. And yet, billionaires all round! Yes, I know, we’re running out of oil and gas to fuel the current economy. We’re also running out of industrial-age jobs – a state of affairs that annoys our labour unions to no end! And – not us, as yet, but – our children are going to struggle to find a decent piece of plastic if things are to go on as they are now.

Fortunately, they’re not. Things are not going to go on Things are not going to go on as they are now.
Our economy is shifting: away from a resource base to an ideas base.

So here’s my message. You can either lament the dwindling resources and stay paralyzed by fear or
celebrate the burgeoning of new ideas. Moan or Move. That is the option facing you: hedge your wealth in finite resources or grow it through infinite ideas. I know where my focus is.

And that, my friend, is why I will be Africa’s 1st internet-billionairess…

What will you be?

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Never before in the history of humankind have so many people been alive at the same time on earth. Never before in the history of humankind has there been so much knowledge. And the ability to share this among all of us, through
incredible technology that is connecting hundreds of millions of people across the globe. How can all this
brainpower, all this knowledge and all this technology be used to help humankind overcome the poverty that persists to prevent far too many of us to fulfill our potential? This book focuses on one surprising factor: a FRANCHISE we can carry in our POCKET!


The Young Africa FOUNDATION is the 'guardian' of the Young Africa VISION, which is aimed at creating an enabling environment for Africa's 200 million youth to fulfill their potential. We raise funds to support youth development and scholarships.