T-Shirt – Africa 6

by EcoLine Enterprises (Pty) Ltd


“Let LOVE Lead.“

According to Zimbabwean though-leader and academic, Prof. Dr. Mandivamba Rukuni, the traditional role of the African leader was to simply LOVE his (or her) people. If a leader loves his or her people, he or she will not do anything to hurt those people, but will focus on creating an enabling environment where each one may fulfil his or her God-given potential. Where love leads, there is no corruption. Where love leads there are no human-rights disasters. Where love leads there can be no child soldiers. Where love leads, mines become resources which serve the people, and not vice versa. LOVE is the power that overcomes all hatred, racism, bitterness and grief. Let LOVE lead is the most profound statement each one of us can carry into the world – even if it is only on a t-shirt!

Excellent quality t-shirt in statement black, shout orange, talk grey and whisper white. 

Sizes: S, M, L, XL. We produce on order.

Kindly allow 4-6 weeks for delivery.

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Kindly note: All profits from this product are donated to the Young Africa FOUNDATION, a registered non-profit organisation, which raises funds towards youth education, skills, leadership and entrepreneurship development in Africa.

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