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Help Us To Grow Africa’s Economy!

Our current fundraising priority is raising investment funding to make it possible for the Young Africa FOUNDATION NPC to invest in enterprises, which have the potential to create jobs for Africa’s youth, while also earning profits that may be used to support the overall youth development objectives of the organisation in a sustainable manner.

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PS: If you make a donation, you will receive ongoing updates on the “Young Africa” activities on an ongoing basis through the econovix intranet system.

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The Young Africa FOUNDATION is a non-profit organisation, which is registered in South Africa, Registration Number: 2018/593030/08, as a social enterprise (non-profit company).

It forms part of the greater “Young Africa VISION”, which is explained in more detail on the website: http://www.

The Young Africa FOUNDATION raises funds for the following purposes:

  1. investing in enterprises across Africa and the rest of the world, which are able to create jobs for Africa’s youth and generate income for the organisation to fund its objectives on an ongoing, sustainable basis.
  2. providing scholarships to disadvantaged children and youth to access education and training opportunities, including providing hostel scholarships or pay for student accommodation, to make it possible for children and youth from disadvantaged backgrounds to live closer to schools or training institutions so that their chance of successfully completing their matric or training courses are improved;
  3. enabling disadvantaged youth to access services such as drug rehabilitation, counselling or other healthcare services; or
  4. enabling disadvantaged youth to access enterprise development funding to start own small businesses; or
  5. enabling disadvantaged youth to access workplace readiness programmes that help them to find work.
  6. enabling disadvantaged youth to participate in volunteer opportunities serving other public benefit organisations, by enabling the payment of a stipend to them while they are doing such volunteer work.


The Young Africa FOUNDATION is the ‘guardian’ of the Young Africa VISION, which is aimed at creating an enabling environment for Africa’s 200 million youth to fulfill their potential. We raise funds to support youth development and scholarships.