Young Africa – Social Impact Investment

by Young Africa FOUNDATION


We know you’re busy building your business or your future.

But we also know, that you REALLY want to MAKE A DIFFERENCE!

You can do both: simply commit a small part of your income to Young Africa FOUNDATION non-profit organisation, so that we can invest this money into developing businesses across Africa.

We choose business investments that are environmentally sustainable.

And we choose businesses that can grow lots of jobs for Africa’s youth!

All dividends earned from these investments are used towards supporting the education and wellbeing of Africa’s children and youth, while also helping entrepreneurs to start their own businesses.

Instead of simply disappearing into running costs, by making a social impact investment in the Young Africa FOUNDATION NPC you are stimulating the economy AND helping unemployed youth to fulfill their purpose.

Sign up for a monthly donation NOW!

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YOU can make a the world a BETTER place!

The Young Africa FOUNDATION is a non-profit organisation, which forms part of a greater Young Africa VISION. We work to help Africa’s youth to shape the future of this continent through developing their own skills, helping them to find work and helping businesses on the continent to grow.

We always focus on environmentally sustainable enterprises, to make sure that earth is able to recover and heal itself, while we work to develop beautiful, prosperous communities across Africa.

This is why YOU are so important:

We need your help to make this happen!

Africa’s youth needs jobs, so that they can look after themselves and their families.

And as they earn an income, they will contribute to a global economic boom, when they start having the money to buy things from you and other entrepreneurs that are far-sighted enough to help shape this promising future!

Make a commitment TODAY to provide a regular, monthly donation to the Young Africa FOUNDATION, a registered non-profit organisation, based in South Africa. We use your gift towards investing in enterprises that will grow jobs all across Africa.


The Young Africa FOUNDATION is the ‘guardian’ of the Young Africa VISION, which is aimed at creating an enabling environment for Africa’s 200 million youth to fulfill their potential. We raise funds to support youth development and scholarships.