sharing online – 1 user – Monthly Subscription

by EcoLine Enterprises (Pty) Ltd


sharing online is part of the econovix bouquet of cloudware. We have identified sharing online as one of the most innovative online ‘intranet’ systems available for small and medium businesses. Of course, larger businesses are welcome to use sharing online as well!


Subscribe to sharing online on a monthly basis for yourself and all your employees. Here are some of the benefits:

  • sharing online is your own cloud-based ‘intranet’, where you and your employees can save all documents and media related to your business.
  • Any items stored on sharing online may be shared, either with other users on the sharing online system or by simply sending a link to view or download the item to an outside party, such as a client or customer.
  • Of course you may decide not to share a document that you have stored on sharing online! This is a completely safe and secure place where you may keep your critical business information online.
  • Use sharing online to keep track of your employees digital calendars: you can synchronise all their calendars on different devices to one simple view on sharing online.

No need to have an expensive server running at your business premises! With sharing online you can have all your business information safely stored on the econovix server, hosted by Virtual Orange – a specialist hosting company in South Africa.

NOTE: Kindly note that the amount quoted on econovix marketplace is the monthly subscription fee per user.

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